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ÖselBirch is a family company offering an organic range of plant based refreshment drinks based on birch water. Its establishment was inspired by our beloved Grandma. Every spring, right when then snow starts to melt, she would tap the trees and collect the nutritious and tasty birch sap. In summer holidays, when the school’s out and the days are never-ending, we always went to visit her in Saaremaa (aka. Ösel), which is the biggest island in Estonia. The birch water, which was naturally fermented by the summer was then the best refreshment on a hot day at a hayfield.

The company started with 3 sisters and an older brother to keep our crazy ideas in balance: Katri, Anne-Liis, Mirjam & Ardon. As life so happens, we now live in different countries: While our brother, Ardon, and oldest sister Katri live in Estonia, the two younger sisters Anne-Liis & Mirjam went to discover the world & study abroad and are now living respectively in Cologne, Germany and Cardiff, Wales.

Despite living physically far apart, we are close at hearts and make a great team that works together well!


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